The Bigfoot of Hamsterly Forest

Me and me two mates were camping at Hamsterly Forest situated in the North East of England, with permission of the ranger,  we camped in field just off rangers hut, we set up camp got beers out an drank most of day by about eleven o clock pm we decided to go for a walk, we walked bout twenty mins, then we were spooked by branches being broken as we walked along and off to the side of us in the bushes, we ran back to tent, zipped up and spent a very nervous night.

The next two nights was silent thankfully apart from something  being rubbed on our tent none of us went to investigate we were still thinking about the branches snapping on night one. On the fourth night we were sleeping when bang!! something whacked our tent hard, without thinking I jumped up went outside, it was a moon lit night so i could see about twenty yards clearly and there walking away was this huge figure, about 7/8 feet tall as it was walking away i could see it was wider and much taller than anyone/thing I had ever seen in my life, very dark brown almost black sillhouette. I went back in to the tent and my mates tried to  ask me what I saw but I was speechless for about ten minutes, my mind was reeling, then all I could say was, we need to get out of here, they just ribbed me and left it at that, we stayed till morning i was shaking with fear my mates said it could just be a ranger, but i knew it wasn’t.  Next morning we went to see ranger he said  he had never been there. That was one of the scariest nights of my life, And i never ever went back in any woods for least ten years.