keswick creature

It was about 29 years ago. Husband n I went to Keswick in the Lake District. We decided on a lovely day to go walking through some dense remote woods. We found a track and followed it. We all of a sudden came to a clearing. We stood commenting on what a surprise to find such a clearing. We carried on talking then we both froze and all the hairs stood up on our arms. We didnt speak at the time but both of us felt the same. All of a sudden the birds stopped singing and everything went still and quiet. We sort of froze to the spot still didnt say a word.....then we had stones thrown at us but not quite hitting us. Then I said walk back talk as normal. ....we did walk back but we knew we where being followed and whoever was really really close. At the time I thought it was the panther but then with the stone throwing I thought it was a raving mad man. Never ever thought of BF. Anyway we where escorted to the edge of the wood and we knew it. So no actual sighting but now as I have got interested in BF I have no doubt. My husband does not believe in BF. But he explained what he felt and it matched me. Might be boring encounter but I have no doubt what it was now.