Habituation or a strange set of circumstance ?

For a number of years now we have a researcher with ongoing activity at a site in the very north west of Scotland, The researcher makes no claims as to what or who makes and leaves these strange patterns and glyphs but they change on a daily basis and are very different in appearance each time. On some days it will be little feathers left out in a circle, to large club like sticks wedged into trees. The researcher first started to notice strange activity when out walking or walking the dog, the more off the path they went, the stranger the finds. We do have pictures of large X and teepee structures and i will be doing a follow up album to cover the wood structures, but for now i would like to just introduce you to the area and give a little history on the finds. 

Now as we know, dawn and dusk are the ideal times to be out researching for many reason, its quieter, there is less chance of bumping into other people out and about, and much more animal activity, but i must stress this is not an area on any trial, an area of natural beauty it is not the easiest of places to get to even if you are local. And this researcher is lucky in that that is the time of day they are out, and about.

Somebody or something are leaving and changing these small signs and on a couple of occassions have changed from walking into the area and then walking out.  Strange indeed. I will keep you upto date on any updates to this area, and will get more details as they come in.
Deborah Crossley Hatswell 11/6/16