The Cannock Chase Gorilla 2008

Location: Cannock (Staffordshire) - Cannock Chase Park

Type: Cryptozoology

Date / Time: Circa July 2008

Further Comments: A group of friends walking through the area in the early hours of the morning

 spotted a tall dark figure which quickly ducked down - one of the group approached it, only to hear it

 run off. Walking back towards their car, two of the group heard a roar which they believed sounded like

 a silver backed gorilla. One person also reported red eyes glaring at them from the bushes.

Cannock Chase has long been a favourite with cryptozoologists and researchers alike, known for its

 many and varied creature sightings, strange growls to full on bigfoot and wolfman encounters, it does

 seem as if there is a hotspot of sightings grouped in this area.

Reported by Deborah Crossley Hatswell june 16