Whoops from the Mountain

I stumbled upon an old welsh tale of Shewri-while,  a female phantom, would cause people to lose their way upon the mountain. She would call out 'whoop-whoop' and beckon to be followed. If any witness did pursue her, she would lead them on a merry chase lasting several hours, never to be found no matter how hard they searched or followed.

I do find it strange that a "ghost" would omit a Whoop Whoop noise and yet many wildman sightings are known for the whooping, a noise reported all across england, could this figure nobody sees be a wildman moving people from the area for obvious reasons, there are many tales as old as England of people hearing whoops and cries and following them into the woods to find nothing ?  Even being reported by a BBC news crew who heard the whoops and screams from Ben Nevis in feb of 2015. An interesting mystery all the same.