A Conker In My Pocket

Conker in your pocket

You can do anything you want with a conker in your pocket,
You can smash and win, or soar and loose
Scrape a knuckle, win a bruise
But the feel of victory is sweet, an imagination you cannot beat
With a conker in your pocket

Feel it with your fingers all smooth and glossy
“Cover it in vineger” says your sister cos she's bossy
“Cover it in nail varnish” says your brother who likes to cheat
Or treasure it forever, as it's the biggest in your street.
Anything is achievable with a conker in your pocket

No matter what age, short or tall, from the Autumn trees they fall
Children collect them in droves
Old ladies whose spirits rose, at the colour of those Chestnut hues
A prescription for the winter blues
Send spiders scurrying for miles and fill small children up with smiles
The power of a conker in your pocket

Ask grand dad will he string them up, he was a champ, he won a cup
At age 11 fingers held, he beat 9 boys as legend tells
He is a local hero now, remembered for his conker skill
And he told me today, i have the gift, his drive, his will
So the world is mine, im like a rocket
I can soar  away to anywhere
Because i have, a conker in my pocket.

Deborah Hatswell 17/2/17  inspired by sasse <3