Has Bigfoot come to Manchester?

A father was baffled to find a mammoth footprint complete with giant claws while on a dog walk. Jim Salveson from Chorlton, Greater Manchester, was strolling through Kenworthy Wood with collie Ruby when he came across the enormous impression in the mud.

Dumbfounded at who or what could have made the mark that appears to be a human footprint with four claws at the tip, dad-of-one Jim snapped it to show pals. Freelance radio presenter Jim, 37, said: 'I've not seen anything like it before or since - it's obviously very elusive.
'I have size 10 feet and with my walking boots on the footprint was still bigger than my foot. 'It's so muddy up there at the moment and there are footprints left all over the place. 'It's clearly a bare footprint, which is weird in itself, with what appears to be claws.
'I shared the picture saying it might be Bigfoot or a yeti to be tongue-in-cheek. 'One of my friends said if it was Bigfoot he was rampaging through the woods looking for houmous - which is a very Chorlton thing to do.'
Chorlton was named as one of Britain's trendiest places to live in a list compiled by property website Zoopla in December and is known for its co-operative grocers and hipster cafes. The wood is popular with dogwalkers and cyclists and features on the Trans Pennine Trail. Jim, who regularly walks Ruby through the woodland next to the M60, says he isn't take the sighting too seriously but says he is staying open minded. Jim said: 'I didn't take it seriously but on occasion when I walk through those woods she [Ruby] will start randomly barking at open spaces so you never know. 'If it is Bigfoot everyone in Chorlton is pretty friendly - I'd take him for a pint of craft ale.'