Nairn Valley Big Hairy Thing Multiple Sightings

Our team member (we want to keep this persons name anon and also the witness's as it is a very small area and not a very big population) was in the Clava cairns area today and spoke to a croft owner who has a croft at the north end of the railway viaduct that runs over the river Nairn. Whilst discussing this months wild man sighting at Cava cairns Witness A stated that he had seen the same figure also. He  told our researcher that he had seen 'the big hairy man' walking along the railway line in a southerly direction from the forestry behind his croft towards the viaduct/cairns on quite a few occasions, but couldn't be pinned down to an exact number of times!  He also said his dogs were going nuts each time. Also with the witness was another man who wished to remain unnamed for reason that will become clear. 

Witness B: A male from the area of nairn valley and clava cairns who is  out in the fields late night and early morning . He says he has seen something about 3 - 4 times. The first time he was out in the fields, and heard 'someone' coming along the river bank, so he dived for cover. As it passed him it appeared to be enormous both in height and width, and stank to high heaven!

His best view was one night he had his nets out on the river and had walked away downstream (presumably to scare the fish towards the net, although he didn't specify that) When he came back about half an hour later, quote: "The bloody great hairy thing was taking the fish from my net" unquote. He yelled at it, and it stood up, turned - complete with fish - and walked off into the trees. It wasn't in any hurry! our researcher asked the witness for a height estimate and as he is 6"3 he thinks the "thing" was around 7ft and broader than himself He has also seen the creature on other occasions on the opposite bank of the river, but not within 30 feet, and it tried to hide in the tree/bush line.He also mentioned in the passing that his brother xxxxxxxxx has seen the same figure cross the actual battlefield at Culloden.Report taken 2nd September 2015.