Bawtry Green Man Face Summer 1972

The Bawtry Account is one i keep re-visiting over and over the witness is now a friend and i think that is because not only is she a lovely lady, we also shared a similar experience, i was also 15 when it happened to me, a strange face peering at you from the trees and bushes can be alarming as a child but i think this witness handled it in a much calmer way than i.  Her friend reacted in the same way i did, ran scared all the way home, but J didn't, i think her biggest emotion was curiosity and a need to know more.

Doncaster and Salford are very similar places, working class towns with many small areas of croftland and old abandoned waste ground that when left for decades returns to nature, and like most working class areas still holds pockets of woodlands and small Eco habitat and this account is only a very small walk from Kings Wood and many small streams that connect to the nearby river Trent. This is what J had to say

 This is what happened to me one summers afternoon playing out as a child, I saw something so strange it remains with me to this day:  The face in the foliage that I (and a schoolfriend) saw happened around the time I was 15.., approx 1972.  We were playing truant from school, and messing about in an abandoned sewage works, known locally as dead-dogs island, we noticed a face watching us from the brambles, he/she was lying flat,  hidden well in the bushes and grass so i couldn't see a body and  i have no idea of size, but what we could see was the face,  it was hairy and looked like the green man pictures and art, as if he had foliage on his face or was using it to mask his face and hide, and his skin was dark. He had small dark eyes and he was just looking at us. my friend was frightened but i was interested, it looked like the foliage was being used to disguise his face somehow or he it was a mask made from the grass and leaves? . He didn't try to move or approach us, we ran off and he didn't try to follow us, as far as i know he just stayed in the brambles.  I can still remember it as clear as day, i wasn't scared and wanted to know more but my friend running left me there alone so i quickly followed her. 

In the same area within a year myself and my brother were walking home and we realised we were being followed in the trees and bushes off to the left, It was a dark night and we caught a glimpse of something that had Orangish eyes and it growled at us from the bushes in almost the same area. 

The Bawtry Area of Doncaster is circled by many old caves systems, megalyphs of all shapes and sizes and an ancient trackway and holy wells are very close by.

Reported by D. l. Hatswell