A Strange Night in Whatstandwell Feb 2007

Witness Nikie Davies: In around 2007, late February, me, my husband and younger daughter went on holiday to Whatstandwell in the Peak District. We stayed in a small lodge there surrounded by an old disused quarry. Our first day there our daughter found 12 old pennies on one of several boulders which encircled the green inside the quarry, while we were unpacking. It felt very 'witchy' - that's the only way to describe it.

We are great hikers and had a lot of walks planned and got to know the river, the reservoir, the woods etc. But our first night there was very unusual. We had just tucked up for the evening, us in one small bedroom and our daughter in the other one, both bedrooms on the same side facing the highest cliff of the quarry which had a small cave in it set up high. Just outside the bedroom windows was a reed-filled swampy sort of area. We all could not drift off to sleep. It was all very eerie. It was like we were all on red-alert for something. 

This went on for a few hours, then we heard 3 distinct tree knocks and movement through the trees towards the cabin. Now none of us believed in the wild people at this point but we all felt immediately threatened and began to get very nervous but we couldn't explain why. Where we were situated was really well into the rural parts and so we couldn't understand why 'people' were coming towards the cabin - that's how it seemed to us, like trouble makers were on their way, although none of us would say that at that time only afterwards. 

Although these knocks were in the near distance, our daughter said that there was someone outside her window. We passed it off, because we couldn't hear it at all. She kept saying she could hear someone moving about inside the reeds just below her window. We got out of bed to go and look but couldn't see or hear anything. We got back into bed and she started saying she could hear it again. Now the rest of the night was something we've never experienced before: it was like we were all in some kind of suspended timeless state. The night just seemed to last forever. I think it is because our sixth-sense knew to be ready against something. It is that which stands out the most for us. By about 6am the stirrings and feelings of oppression went away and not long after it began to get light. The rest of the holiday passed by without a repeat. And we put it to the back of our minds. 

A few years later when I finally clicked about the wild people it dawned on me that this was an experience with them. I think that the pennies were what they were playing with the owners of the lodge with. I remembered that when we got back I had asked them if any strange occurrences had happened there and they were quite cryptic and said yes, you could say that. So, now I am convinced that they knew and interacted with them using the pennies. We took pictures and in recent years have been analysing them; on one of them there look to be some kind of red eye glows in shrubbery, but this would be passed off without the contextual information. It was a perfect spot for them, close to the river, woodland, reservoir (where there was another sighting I believe by someone else) and caves.

I think now, with all the research I've done, that there were the 'home' ones living in the caves at the back of us, and they were being signalled by the 'roaming' ones who were coming back that they knew we had arrived. I also think they were drawn to our daughter as she was playing on the green. 

reported to D. Hatswell 23.2.17