Wood Knocks at Great Fen October '89

I had a very strange encounter near the River Waveney on the Suffolk side of the border. I was walking along our field boundary when from the other side of the ditch about my head height I heard 2 loud knocks on a tree trunk. I stopped to see what it was and I heard very slow and loud breathing. This was only about 15 feet away. I could see nothing, checked for anything rubbing together but it was a dull windless day. 

This went on for about a minute and when I couldn't explain it I became unnerved and walked away.   It happened in October '89 around 2pm. Until I learnt about wood knocking it never made any sense to me. Can they render the person unable to see them perhaps?  I feel the knocks were done to make me stop. Quite recently I have found a 4 stick formation in the shape of a noughts and crosses grid. Anyone seen similar? Also I have had my name called and so has my mum. Tricks have been played. Water butts drained then turned off. I checked for leaks. We live in a very quiet but not remote area however, the landscape has changed little for generations.

Reported to Deborah Hatswell 23/2/17