Can i ask you a question?

I have been asked the same questions recently by a number of people and although i can not speak for all of the UK researchers and witnesses and the people with an interest in the subject, it think many of us are here for the same reason, it's really easy for me to answer them all here in the hopes of dispelling the myths.  The first question i am usually asked is.

If i tell you my experience do i have to give my name and details  Anything that is shared with me and added to the map and blog is done so with the witnesses permission. Many people are happy to be named and add their account to the map, some would prefer to remain anon and others just want to share and to keep things secret for now, and there are many witnesses like this, who are not yet ready to come forward but watch from the sidelines what we all do and slowly build the courage to share.  What is most important to me is that people have a place to share, where they will be listened too by others who understand or share their experience, among friends or in private, the witness or the forest folk themselves will always come first.

How much money do you make from the subject? and that is a very relevant question, the simple honest answer is we dont, i dont know of any person in the UK making any money from their youtube channels or blogs.  All of us do this for nothing, to share the knowledge and enjoy the journey, each researcher taking time out on their own funds to further us along in the hopes of answering the many questions we all have, I also don't know of any witness that has made a penny from their story, in fact quite often as in my case it can be really hard to field the trolls and ridicule, but in amongst all of that are the genuine people, the ones who care and are willing to be open minded and listen, for after all any of you could be a future witness, who knows what your journey will bring.

How active do i have to be to be a researcher or a group member? Well i think that is for the individual to decide, and it all depends on what works for you.  Whether you're out and about every weekend or just when you're in an area that works once or twice a year.  It can also depend on how active physically you can be, for some it's easy getting out and about and for others it's much harder. So whatever you are comfortable with is perfect, and there are many different skills you can bring to the table, a simple listening ear when the witnesses come forward can mean so much, sharing anything you find online that may be of interest to others or simply by being a member of the community that has an interest in the subject can go a very long way in helping our wild spaces regenerate and ourselves reconnect with nature.

Will The British Bigfoot Subject ever be accepted in the UK  I think the subject already has a wide and growing audience, the more we share, the more people come forward with their experiences, the more we document the structures, signs and glyphs the easier they will become to match, the more that people venture out into the woods and hills of the UK, the more people listening to witnesses and documenting finds, will help this subject move beyond the fringes of fortean creatures and myths of old, as we all once viewed herbalists, wiccans and the paranormal in times past as ridiculous acts of trickery and devilry and infact believing in them could cost you your life, yet those three examples now have a vast and wide acceptance worldwide.  As any witness to a UFO will tell you, it is now not a problem reporting the account and in fact you are welcomed with open arms by the masses, whereas 20yrs ago this was not the case at all.  This too will happen for The British Bigfoot.  I hope that one day land is set aside and habits changed to accommodate our forest friends and leave them in peace.  To do what they have always done and go about their business without a thought to us. Which leads me to another question.

Do we need a body to prove beyond doubt their existence? I don't know of anyone here in the UK out to trap or catch any cryptid unknown, let alone a master of their own environment, as you move around in your home, even in the dark, you know every inch of your rooms, so i doubt this would ever be achieved, but let's for arguments sake say we have the (prodigal Body) of a grown male, what good would that do us, we would only be fulfilling our own curiosity as to species and gene, that is not our right, many unknown tribes walked this earth over the centuries, and many were thought of as myth and legend, as humans, is the answer for us to catch and kill a member of these tribes to answer the question of their existence.  It would only advance us in a limited way, yet to document and study and observe patterns and habits could get us to a place where most of our questions would be answered anyway.  To kill an unknown animal to prove its very existence is abhorrent to 99% of us humans thankfully and i feel anything other than observation and acceptance where our forest friends are concerned, is a wish too far for us. None of us know who and what they are, and as humans we fear that, communication is the key, as we watch and learn each other's habits a trust can start to form is my hope, a little naive most would think, but for me it's always been my hope that one day we would walk this earth together, and even if this doesn't happen in mine or your lifetime, we will have sowed a seed of acceptance that can be copied ten fold as the years roll on.

Should it do it this way or Should i do try this?  Try anything that comes to mind and do what you feel like doing when you're out, and don't be afraid to switch things up, listening to others opinions is a good way of learning, but because something worked or failed for them, does not mean it will be the same for you, it's really up to the individual to decide how far they want to delve into this subject and in how they go about it, i think as long as you respect nature when you're out you're already onto a winner in my book.  Find your own way because thinking outside the box is what will bring in more pieces of the puzzle in the long run.

Is the map free?  Yes and it always will be, so many people have put time and effort into the map, and all of the witnesses who shared deserve to have their stories told.  So it will always be free and if you would like to add, change or expand on any of the accounts please drop me a line at and if you would like a copy of the interactive google map just click this link

D. L. Hatswell 20/7/17