Slieveanorra Howls and Dogs Scared 2017

A wildlife photographer out on a visit to the area with her partner and their three dogs had an experience over a couple of days this week that may hint at there being more to this forest than we first believed. 

Witness Account: .Myself, my Partner and the 3 dogs went to an area of Slieveanorra forest at around 4.30pm this evening (14/7/17)...It was raining quite heavily, and we were walking one of our usual routes and we hadn't gone far into the forest when we heard what sounded like a howl of some kind, It was not a noise i was happy to hear as  im out in the forests often and it was so eerie, in fact  Roxy my German Shepherd barked loudly at it.

At this point the "howl" sounded quite close to us, but we couldn't make out the source of the noise or what was making it.  A few seconds later the same "howl" sound occurred again only this time it sounded further away....there were four further "howls" in succession after the first one, so five in all.

To be honest I have also heard this same noise in the same area of forest before when i have been on my walks or taking photographs, though I was on my own with the dogs and kinda doubted myself and what I'd heard. This time my partner heard it too, so i did have somebody to validate the "howl". I intend going back there without the dogs, to see if i hear it again.

17/72017: Well we're just back from the part of Slieveanorra where I heard the "howls" the other night, we returned to the area in the hopes of hearing the call again.  I had my phone ready to record any noises tonight but alas we didn't hear anything.  But i do not think all was in vain, as we had brought my partners wee dog Barney with us and he stopped just near where there was a double X (made from large tree trunks crossing each other).

Barney stood still with his paw up off the ground and his ears up and was sniffing the air as if he caught the smell of something on the wind. He seemed to be watching something or someone that we could not see.  Then further down into the forest he did the same again, he stopped still and was sniffing the air and looking off into the trees.  It appeared that he was watching something again that had him transfixed.  My partner and myself both got a feeling we were being watched.  Also on this visit another strange thing happened, but maybe it has nothing to do with any of this but the other night we lost the dogs ball and looked all round the area we had been in but couldn't find it, tonight it was laying out in plain sight in the area we had looked previously and it was not there then? I will go back to this area soon again and I really hope I can hear the "howls" again.