Thetford Forest, "i was being shadowed by something i could not see.

The Witness contacted myself on Youtube after seeing an earlier video i had made about the strange cluster of accounts in the Thetford Forest Area and he was reminded of something similar that happened to him in the same area as the earlier accounts, here is what the witness had to say.

I live in the Thetford forest area very near to the other Thetford sightings and have seen some rather strange things whilst out walking in the area. Once a few years ago i was out walking and i had the feeling i was not alone and that i was being stalked whilst out from something in the bushes i could not see.  I realised that in the high shrubs and grass something was moving alongside me and keeping up step for step.

No matter how hard i looked i could not see or make out whatever it was as the bracken and underbrush had grown so high that year due to heavy rainfall in the spring.  It was around chest height and  something quite large was moving close by without to much trouble keeping pace with me, stopping when I did and then as I began walking again, it did the same exact thing and i could hear it following me. Now i know of many animals in the area but i don't know what this could of been as it didn't hide or move off like most animals would and  this is not the behaviour of a deer as they would turn tail and run if they spotted a human, in fact most times they move off before you even notice them, it wasn't like that, it was as if whatever it was knew i was there, and didn't care for it, and to be honest paced out my steps with me as i walked, it was more than unnerving.  Luckily I was near to my home and legged it as fast as I could, i kept  looking back to see if whatever it was would emerge from the trees but thankfully it didn't. The only time I saw a non native animal was in 1986 when a black panther that crossed the road in front of my car near to Cranwich. 

Whilst I'm unsure what could of been in the bracken that day, this is not the first account in the area of a strange out of place animal or figure, and on the map there are also a number of other accounts of people being shadowed and sometimes almost escorted from an area forthwith.  With River Lea running through it and ample off the path areas, something is roaming the woods and trees of Thetford and to date as been described as a Manbear? Apeman? Man sized baboon and the Upright shaggy creature to name a few.