The 'Vulture Man' of the Malvern Hills and Other accounts

An interesting sighting worthy of a second glance... Two couples who were hill walking had a terrifying experience with an odd creature, which was later described as a Vulture or Eagle man. Here is the account in the words of a man who passed on the tale.

"My brother told me that his mate had a terrifying daytime experience in the Malvern Hills with his wife and another couple. Apparently the mate confronted a hunched, large, vulture-like creature which started to follow the group - it was so terrifying his wife collapsed with fear. Now my brother's mate is a big bloke who can look after himself and a bit of a joker, so I asked him about his horror story, and to my surprise, he went pale white. I could see the terror in his face as he retold that story. I have witnessed him telling that story on many occasions to others (I have prompted him, to try expose it as a joke) and he has stuck by it 100%, and the fear in his face is still there. He goes pale. I always expect him to say 'haha, fooled you' but he never has." It must of had an impact as they took her to the local pub and she was out cold, the police were called but were not interested, I asked my friend to explain what he saw in more detail and he said "I saw the creature in the distance and went closer to investigate (my friends followed but kept their distance) I was terrified - even more so when the creature began to move towards me". My friend ran back as fast as he could and was alarmed to see the creature following behind - which must have seemed very close when in a state of terror.

This could very well be a misunderstood Woodwose encounter. Or this could be a creature in its own right, as you will see from the Map and the Website this is not the only creature here in the UK described as being both human and birdlike.

The Owlman of Mawnan Wood - multiple accounts

Mawnan Smith is an old village that lies to the west of Rosemullion Head, just a few miles south of Falmouth in Cornwall. Mawnan Wood is one of the most notable features of the area, and has become famous around the world following reports of a mysterious Owlman – a weird, half-bird half-human creature, reportedly spotted there on several occasions.
One of the earliest reports goes back to 1926, when the Cornish Echo reported that two boys were chased by what was described as a very large, ferocious bird. The lads took cover behind a steel grating, but the bird-like beast furiously continued to try to reach them through the grill.
Fifty years later in 1976, two witnesses described an abnormally large bird resembling a giant owl flying over the tower of the 13th-century parish church of St Mawnan. Teenagers camping in the wood nearby reportedly heard strange hissing sounds and saw what they described as an owl as big as a man. It had burning red eyes and strange claws, shaped like two blacksmith’s pincers.
There were further sightings two years later, when the witnesses added that the huge bird-like thing was silvery-grey in colour. In 1989, a sighting by two more people described the Owlman as being at least 1.5m (5ft) tall, and the next report, from an American visitor in 1995, described sharp claws emanating from the Owlman’s vast wings.

D. L. Hatswell