Bigfoot, Cryptids and The Unexplained Conference, Leyland, 17th May 2020

Our one day conference is for anyone who has had a paranormal or impossible event or anyone interested in the so called 'Alternative' fields. We find many people have life experiences that cross over the genres, Listen to their Accounts as they speak about the day in question, or join in with our 'Town Hall Meeting' and share your experience with the panel of speakers each Renowned in their Chosen Field.

With guest speakers from across the board, who are happy to help you with a problem of the paranormal kind, or talk with you about your experience in the hopes of making life a little easier for you. There will be a trained Hypnotherapist there on the day, and people offering help and advice freely.

This Years Speakers Are:

Deborah Hatswell BBR UK "Cryptid and Paranormal Witness/Investigator

Simon Clarke "blow your socks off Book Series Author"

Peter Moore Paranormal Investigator, and a Searcher of Truth.

Megan Cryptid Addicted 'Researcher and Podcaster"

Chris L Huff 'Cryptid and Paranormal Witness/Investigator'

Mark Farnell 'Cryptid and Paranormal Witness/Investigator'

Richard Threw 'Pondguru' A Lifetime of Strange Experiences.

Other guest speakers to be added. There will be time set aside for 'Town Hall Meeting' and a Q & A with the speakers Panel. Meet the guest speakers and chat with them about your favourite subjects.

You can contact Deborah Hatswell on for any further information or enquiries. Simon Clarke

Thank You