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Many UK Residents have been Attacked by Large Cats say Police.

Most people in the UK have seen or know of someone who has seen a large cat wandering our fields and woodlands for well over four decades now.  Around 17000 reports were made in Staffordshire alone between 2010 and 2018. Lately you can stick a pin in the map and there will be a report of one or many large cats roaming the area. From the Surrey Puma to the Beast of Skerry they come in all colours and are usually described as "larger than a large dog" So your average Brit would not be too surprised to hear of a large cat report close to home, what may surprise them is the number of reported attacks on humans or humans out walking with their dogs.  Listed are some of those reports in the witnesses own words.  I have added the original sources for each story so you can view the many images provided.

Dog attacked by 'panther' before owner has terrifying encounter with the big cat in Cornwall.

Police and the RSPCA have confirmed they attended the scene of the attack which happened near Callington. Police investigators took a plaster cast of a paw print which they say the charity has confirmed as that of a big cat. James Stephenson, whose dog was attacked by the Cat, said people needed to be aware because it could take a child next and has recounted his own harrowing experience with the animal. The big black cat is said to be stalking a Cornish village where several pet cats have disappeared and one dog has been left bleeding from its injuries and with claw marks on its shoulder. A local farmer has also apparently discovered its 'den' on his land.
James, who lives with his mother Tricia in the village near Callington, said he was in his garden with Marley and his collie puppy Maisy when the beast struck. "Over the last couple of weeks we have seen this large black cat walking down the back wall of the field at the back of our garden," he said. "It's on a stone wall, often carrying something the size of a lamb. Whatever it's been carrying is about a foot off the ground so it's very big. "We've not paid it much attention because they normally shy away from humans. "We're not sure whether it's a puma or a panther but it's been confirmed that it's a big cat. We're under the impression that it's a puma. We went round to warn the neighbours to keep any dogs in and safe. They think it's a panther. "They normally only come out at night to not blow their cover but this one is out any time of day because it has adapted to its surroundings. "It got our attention most when we were out in the garden last Thursday night.

Marley is a rescue dog so he now has almost an acre of garden when, before, he lived in a confined space. He loves his garden. "He walks around to make sure it's safe and secure every night. It's his routine to make sure him and his family are safe. "He was walking the far end of the garden and I was about 20 feet from him and he was suddenly taken down to the floor as if his legs had given way from underneath him; like he was pulled down. "He's a very agile dog; very careful. I thought he tripped on something and hurt himself. I called him back and he was already beside me with his tail between his legs in fear. "He was covered in blood. He had a big deep gash on his front left leg and one between his toes. On his left shoulder was a big black claw mark, as if a muddy claw had scraped down the side of him. "He's still not interested in going out in the garden at night. 

He loves his garden and now can't bear it.