Strachur Strange wood knocks, screams and tree break Aug 2015

Hi Guys
I would like to inform you all of a sighting i had the other day in Strachur (Argyll,Scotland)
i was out riding on my local MTB track when i started feeling a little weird (like i was being watched)
I got my stuff packed and started cycling down the hill towards the village and i heard a high pitch howl and i then heard woodknocks coming from the bottom
i quickly rushed down the hill to find a tree pushed over the path
i went over it and after that i never heard any thing since.

Area Check by Deborah Crossly Hatswell:  Strachur is a very rural part of scotland just off the coast and surrounded by many miles of woods and open countryside, many water sources and lots of food too. i have no doubt this is the ideal hiding place for our wildman.