Tilmanstone Whoops Sept 2015

Team Researcher Statement: today while I was working ,I'm a carpet fitter I had a job out in the sticks, and as I was unloading some underlay from my van I heard about 4 vocalizations. Now the best way I can describe these sounds were like a wooing noise single at a time, but they sounded like the sort of woo you would here in a jungle. they did sound primate and tropical. the nearest zoo is 25 miles away, I wouldn't think it would travel that far but I might be wrong. I've never heard these noises before and it was enough for me to stop in my tracks. I was in the Tilmanstone area kent which is an old mining village near the dover sandwhich area. it sounded close but not close at the same time.and I know it wasn't a fox or anything. To be honest as I was in work mode that's why it stood out so much as I could tell it was nothing I heard before,  and it was definitely like a primate type of whoop it sounded like a very haunting sound it sort of hung in the air but it wouldn't of sounded out of place in a jungle type environment.very hard one to explain. And it has left me puzzled as to what could of made the whoops