The Banchory Gorilla 2006   (Posted in 2006)   a friend of mine told me a story recently. Whilst she was out with friends at the back end of midnight, driving through the back roads near Banchory (a small town near Aberdeen) she and another person saw something cross the road in front of their car, and the only description she could give me was 'a gorilla'. This is the most levelheaded person I know (some would say overly skeptic, and usually rubbishes any ideas of a Fortean bent I try to persuade her with. But she sticks to her story to this day.

Banchory could very well be an ideal home for our wildman, pine forests, where the river Feugh and the river Dee meet and miles and miles of wilderness to call his own as Kincardineshire reaches from the north east coast back across the mountains of Grampian.