The Weeping Creature Evesham

hi, my name is....well, im afraid im not too willing too divulge as much information as that, not because i dont want people finding me out to be some sort of fabricator of the truth, but the real reason is that i already know that the story im about to tell you is more than likely going to be hard for anyone too believe, as i found it hard enough even for myself to believe it actually happened, and still do.  Any way for this purpose my name is Tyler Roberts, and im about to tell you of my experience that happened to me around the age of 14/15 years, im not too sure as it was an experience that ive tried to forget, but failed miserably too forget.making me seek information over 20 years later and find myself now writing this story for you all too read. anyway so as to not completely bore you to death here is my story…

Late one dark still night i was walking the usual route i would walk my way home. it was around 10/11pm, as a youngster i was allowed out later than the majority of my friends due to the lack of good parenting. Anyway, on this route i had to pass a small area of dis-used and very over grown land, thick of brambles, trees, bushes and over grown grass etc etc which always gave me the creeps at this time of night, seeing as this area was on the right hand side of the road it always made me veer off over to the left side of the road.  As i made my way to the opposite footpath, out of the corner of my eye i could see a largish bulk directly beneath the lampost that made me look harder, as this type of thing was never usually there.  To my astonishment and dis-belief i saw what seemed to be an animal of some sort as it had rugged hair and i could see its body kind of raising up and down to the motion of some one/thing breathing, what seemed really odd, that had my eyes not quite believing what they were seeing and also raising my inquisitiveness, was the fact this creature appeared to be standing on its hind legs, and was standing about little over one metre high (not large at all for a yeti/bigfoot or any animal really),with its back towards me, but i just couldnt figure out how this animal was stood upright so easily, at which point i started to quietly approach the figure thinking that my eyes really must be deceiving me and kind of hoping it to be just some rug that somebody had left out and wanting to de-bunk any silly ideas i was getting in my head. originally i must have been around 30 metres away when i first saw the...thing, i had advanced towards the creature questioning my eyes the whole way, with my heart beating faster and faster the closer i became, my mind racing faster and faster realising this was no dog, no rug, and certainly couldnt possibly be a small child in some kind of halloween costume. What ever it was, it was definitely an alive animal that stood easily on its hind legs as if it were a bipedeal hominid of some sort. The closer i got i started to hear its breathing and a kind of snuffling that was recognisable, at this point I had left as little as 4-5metres between myself  As my mind raced, all i could see and hear was as clear as day (being directly beneath a lampost), but i was still finding it difficult for my mind to take in as right before me was this strange creature, (and what seemed even more crazy was the fact that) it actually appeared to be crying/sulking exactly like you might expect a small child to do.  I could see (as i was close enough) that it actually had its right arm upwards with its forearm against its forehead with its body tipped forward towards the lampost using it to lean against or even hide its head/face into the exact same way small children do, its body juddered up and down quickly with every snorting/snuffling sound it was creating, again the same way a child might do.  My mind was astounded, almost in shock as i stood there for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably just a matter of seconds. As my brain started to catch up with itself i started to imagine what its face might look like, and what its reaction might be if it were to catch me standing so close...!. At this point complete fear had started to take over my mind and body, as all i could picture in my mind at this point was that it would have teeth, as large and pointy as a dogs teeth and that it probably wouldnt take too kindly to me having accidently sneaked up upon it, i could imagine it turning to face me, getting angry and most likely to attack me... (Of course my mind had begin to run away with itself beyond any control). i hadnt actually seen its face or teeth, but i really did not like being that close...just in case. To which my feet started backing off...extremely quietly and extremely slowly, not daring to make any sound, not even a breath, concentrating not even to exhale too loudly, although i swear it could have heard my heart thumping away so hard in my chest that i could feel it almost make my head pulsate with every beat. fearing it would turn around with every backwards step i took, placing my feet with very direct careful placements, trying not to accidently scuff my feet. i dared not take my wide open eyes off it not even for a second untill i had met with my original path home, at which point i slowly disappeared around the corner out of its direct view. Still not daring to make any noise possible, and quit literally sneaking the rest of the way, i carefully re-began my short walk home continually looking over my shoulder making sure i hadnt been seen and was not followed !. Even when id gotten home i carefully shut the front door still not wanting to make any noise, still stricken with fear, but at last i could take a long deep breath of relief, finally being able to breath properly since the first sign of panic had kicked in. Also in relief of the creature having not seen or heard me.  
Im a rather rational person, who would never usually believe in any silly stories that what seem like alot of people make up, or so i thought...!. Im much more scientific minded even to this day, but i cannot deny what my eyes and other senses had seen heard and felt that night. what ever it was had longish brown fur which i remember seeing it  move in the occasional gentle gust of wind, i remember seeing its outline of its body, its legs, and curiously its arm positions. my mind still even too this day still finds it hard to believe that what ever this thing was, it had expressed signs of human actually was crying/sulking!. Its whole body language told me that , even the noises that it had created... only this was definitely no child, and to my knowledge, no monkey, its shape and stature was completely different. it seemed to closely resemble a small child but much bulkier. In a way at times i wish i hadnt seen it, as i dont want anybody to ever think i may create fairy tale like stories. as i despise anybody that would ever make up any story like this.  And knowing this of even myself, id chosen to keep my story too myself, telling only the one or two very close friends that i know, they know me enough not to have ever created any fictional stories of any sort. Dont get me wrong, ive seen my fair share of strange goings on, but all could be explained rationally to have been created by some natural or manmade means possibly. but not this, I know all i had seen that night was no trickery of any sort. and that i would never be able to prove my story. at least not until some kind of evidence is found. I await that day with the knowledge that i know something IS out there. whether it be "alien" (which i doubt is what i saw) "bigfoot" or whether it be some kind of other creature that has been able to hide from man for many years now. but the fact remains... I KNOW IT iS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE. and too this day and in the future, i will never forget what i had experienced that night in question.