Bardney Lincs Shadowed and Watched ?? Summer 2017

Hello /deborah, I wanted to show you some of the photographs i took over the summer, i would really like some opinions on what if anything people can see?

It was around 9.15 in the evening I'm not a hundred percent sure but I think it was late July early August, we have quite a lot of small woodlands in the area close by and if you google Southrey Lincolnshire you will see just how many. Me and my wife had been for a walk with the dog and we had parked the car just of road that heads to Bardney,

you can walk just inside the woods until you come to the farmland on the opposite side, then we followed the perimeter of the woods until you come to a small opening, you take the path to the left until it turns right, which was slightly overgrown that's leads almost in a straight line back to the Car, as we started back towards to car we heard something to our left it seemed to be walking with us, when we stopped it stopped, it sounded as if it was not that far in so I started taking photos.

I'm a keen photographer and love wildlife so my camera is always with me, we carried on and by now my wife who I must say is a non believer picked the dog up and started walking back to the car at a brisk pace. I walked slowly up the path and there was definitely something there, I couldn't see it and I know it wasn't a deer, I took dozens of photos and looked through them when I got home on my computer I deleted them as I went along but kept a few that I wasn't too sure about, this was the only one I found that seemed to show something, this was about halfway back to the car.