The Ghost Lights on the Cloddy Moss

These lights in the area of Culbin forest seem to turn up year after year around this time, they have been seen in the daylight, at dawn, they can be seen with your eye and on camera, they are mostly white or bluish white in colour but can change to a deeper blue, orange and even red have been seen, as the years have gone on we have tried many ways to work out what they are or what the source is, they seem to very small up close but much bigger if they are seen from afar, there is no natural swamp gas will-o-the-wisp at play as the lights seem to be ball like in shape and emit a light of their own.

So from around September to January the lights are photographed by a lady who walks her dogs there, and like me she finds them interesting and would like to try and understand what they are? Or where they come from?

They seem to move in a fluid motion unlike a bug, as they can be seen in the daylight hours also??  This year they have also appeared on a number of trees, we have thought of everything, from UFO, ship lanes, poachers, swamp gas, natural gas, campers, cockle pickers, planes, light aircraft and all manner of outdoor pursuits or activities, you name it we have thought of it, but there must be other areas like this in the UK with a history of so called “ghost lights” or shadowy figures, and reports of hauntings and strange finds in the woods, as the sands shift and the leaves blow, the mystery of the lights continues, but like me i would imagine you may find them interesting nonetheless.
 to see the lights in question.