Cantern Brooks Grey Hairy Figure Updated and area report

I was contacted around 18mnth ago by a witness from the Cantern Brook area of Shropshire, who lived there as a small child and still does, he explained "as children, we would all play in the woods close to home and on a number of occasions my friends (at least 5 that i can recall) were frightened away while cutting and collecting wood to build dens, each of my friends described the same “creature”.  “A huge grey figure appeared and chased them screaming to the edge of the woods and stood watching them from the edge of the trees” 

They are very old woods with the remains of a Saxon mill and large Oak trees, the stream is some 20m down a steep drop. No children will play down there any more due to local tales like this.

The Witness who is now a member of the British Research group and an avid researcher said "we hear all kind of strange things down there all the time and tell our children it's just foxes etc, but this is still ongoing and only last month (Nov 2016) the noise from the woods was startling, it sounded like a high pitched laugh or something screeching loudly"

NB: many months on from this report we have had a whole manner of strange occurrences, owls whooping back and forth and screeching like never before 1 night a month in a pattern, the researcher in question on two occasions was in the wood when loud wood knocks and branch snaps were heard to the point of scaring one man out of there. In June 2017 each night for two weeks the researcher and his family were woken every night between 2am and 4am loud screeching and animal noises, birds making a loud noise over and over.  Then in August of 2017 we have a week of wood knocking late at night, once again the birds would screech and make noise most evenings in the darkest hours.

There have been days when the wood has been misty almost but not outside of the wood? It will be interesting to see what this area will bring over the coming months.  Of interest and something to keep an eye on are the structures also found a short distance from the woods along the river almost to iron bridge.  On neighbour has been "stalked" in the woods by unseen person on at least five occasions now. The researcher also has a new puppy and the dog has been spooked on a number of occasions in the woods, and refuses to enter some parts of it.