Werewolf Logs Mikes Research parts.. 6 Men In Blue

General comments (Written on the 1.10.17 in the evening) Note- Yesterday, on the 30.9.17, I was looking at some photos taken on my mobile phone and on one of them I noticed a Werewolf looking at me in between some trees, but at the time I was out there I didn’t see anything or even sense anything, this was in zone 2, so i looked at the pictures from zone 1 as i noticed when i was there was a young Werewolf up in the trees just sort of sat there with not a care in the World, and I took a photo of course, i couldn't wait to see if i had a picture of him. But when I got home and I had downloaded them onto my PC, I'm looking through the shots from that day and then I started deleting some which I thought weren’t of any value and much to my annoyance I deleted the one with the Werewolf in the tree.

1.10.17- Today was just a small search effort in zone 1 I was hoping to find the young Werewolf up in the trees that was in the photograph, but no luck what so ever. I searched the area from 12.36 to 13.32 hours with no joy. The weather was cloudy with light showers but visibility was good.

Comment This log entry was written on the 8.11.17 and was taken from notes in my report/log book and I’m still annoyed with myself for deleting that photo with the Werewolf sat up in the tree. It may be useful to make a backup of any photograph finds before going through them and deleting any.

Werewolf log part 12

Date- 22.10.17 Search area- Zone 1 Weather- Clear but with cloud cover Temp- 12c

Just to note, Do you remember in my earlier report i saw a strange chap, well the chap I saw in January and March this year (He drives a Mercedes estate) was back again, it was the same car, and i have seen him in a number of my areas of research, when I parked up I walked back to the road, about 300 yards, and I had a quick look into his car which had some very interesting items. I had a quick look in the woods
opposite where he was parked but I couldn’t find him.  When I got back onto the main road he was gone, total time lapse was about 10 minutes.  I think this guy is here for the same reason as me but he looks and carries himself in a very professional way and I think this guy knows what he is doing as well!

I searched Zone 1 again, not much to report but the Wood was eerily silent, but I did find a print which is bigger than my hand but the impression was about 2 or 3 inches deep. I drove further down Deadmans Lane and a search of the area, which is basically the bottom end of zone 1 but again I didn’t find much. Search time 12.30 to 13.05 hours.

Date- 12.11.17 Search area- Zone 1 Weather- Cloudy with spells of sunshine, but very windy with a slight chill in the air Temp 6c


Again I went back to Zone 1, For only a very short trip today due to domestic jobs etc. Anyway, again the woods were very silent and eerie and after a short period of time I felt I was being watched. I took some photos in the direction I felt I was being watched from, and I think I caught the furry little friend slightly hiding behind a tree watching me. It was very hard to spot him but thank God for big pointed ears, otherwise I would not have spotted him at all, most of his/her body was very much camouflaged, I did think about getting closer but after a while I thought no, upon this after thought I decided to call it time and return home. Search time 09.46 to 10.18 hours.

Some thoughts after 20 months of searching
After some rethinking on Zone 1 and the other zones, recently I can only find the one young Werewolf or he/she can find me. And I surmise this Creature was the young Werewolf from earlier in the year also, the one from the time when the Creature was looking at me hiding behind a fallen tree/log and I had turned around very quickly and I saw him where upon the Creature ducked down behind the fallen tree/log it was hiding behind. In short I think Zones 1, 2 and 3 are all one Zone, so to speak and I think it’s a breeding area and in essence , it’s home

Mike 14/11/17