Zana Russian Wild Woman and her Descendants

The Story of Zana the Wild Woman


Witnesses described the six-foot, six-inches tall woman discovered in the Caucasus mountains between Georgia and Russia as having 'all the characteristics of a wild animal' - and covered from head to foot in thick auburn hair.

One of the saddest stories in the Bigfoot world is the story of Zana, wild woman caught and trapped as a slave, she was found wandering the Russian forests one day by a band of hunters, her forced felt into her mouth, hit her with clubs until she was subdued and wrapped in rope. First taken as a Prise to a noble man she had changed hands a few times over, when she came to be sold to a wealthy landowner who promptly built a metal cage for her, she dug herself a small pit and crawled into it, she hated the idea of humans and for many months was wild and angry and bared her teeth often at anyone who got a little too close, she did not like cooked food and would only eat it raw, but because the villagers and women folk were so scared of her wild ways they threw the food at her through the bars, after several months a small pen was made and once again Zana dug a hole in the ground and used that to sleep in.  After around 18 months, she was almost tame and could carry very heavy sacks of corn for her owner, uphill from the river, in fact it seemed she enjoyed doing this, and would set about the task without being asked. But she would still have temper fits and show anger if any of the women folk approached her, they in turn left her be. They described her as huge, with fingers bigger than a man's, a massive bust, and huge shoulders and very muscular.  It's said her face was very dark grey and her hair a dark brown that shone auburn in the light, she had a protruding bottom jaw and strong brow line, and eyes the colour of amber she was a very strange looking woman, hands and fingers much bigger than a man’s, she refused heat, would not sleep inside and tore any clothes that were placed on her, her master would ply her with wine, and she would drink until she passed out, sadly this resulted in a number of pregnancies by local men, she would always give birth alone, several of her off spring died as she tried to wash them in the river and refused to take them inside or cloth them, so for her last 4 births the children were raised within the village, her owners wife raising the youngest two.  It was rumoured the owner himself was the father of her youngest children and both Khwit and his sister did show a striking resemblance to her master the nobleman. She continued to sleep outside in a pit she had dug into the soil, regardless of the weather?


zana.jpgZana did become free in a sense unshackled, she would wander at will, but was to far away from the village, and she stayed with the family until her death in 1890 and she was buried on the family plot. By this time she was a grandmother to many children and it is said for all her rage and tempers she was always placid and calm with children, and accepted they needed to be dressed.  It's said that Zana would never leave her food for too long and although she would wander the mountains and forests at whim, she would always return and eat with a savage gluttonous appetite.  She never did take to clothes but on occasion would adopt a loin cloth of sorts. She did not age like the village women around her, and lost no teeth and she had no grey in her hair. She was still large and muscled even at death.  She never spoke a single word in all the years she was held captive, but could express emotion with grunts and facial expressions and was known to laugh at inappropriate situations, it's said she would throw her head back and guffaw.  Her favourite pass times were laying in the cold water wallow with the buffaloes and drinking wine in great measures. It was also said she could run so fast she could outrun a horse.  

Her son Khwit was said to be a man who should not be crossed, losing a hand in one fight he fought so hard, and turning up for work the day after with just his right hand he and carried his usually load. it was said he could carry over 800lb in weight up hill and was respected for his work ethic, but prone to fits of rage and temper, all of Zana’s youngest children survived and had offspring of their own, they are now scattered across the Motherland with grandchildren and great grand children of their own.


A great deal of theory has gone into where she came from that day, where she was before they caught her in the forest.  I know there has been some study into her son's Khwt’s DNA as his skull was exhumed around a decade ago.  The DNA analysis revealed that they all contained the right amount of African DNA for Zana the ape woman to be '100 per cent African' but remarkably she did not resemble any known group.  Thought to be some study into her son's Khwt’s DNA as his skull was exhumed around a decade ago.  The DNA analysis revealed that they all contained the right amount of African DNA for Zana the ape woman to be '100 per cent African' but remarkably she did not resemble any known group.  Thought to be some kind of modern human, she does have features that fit with many of the upright hominids we know of today.

download.jpgSo where ever she came from, her story still remains a mystery, maybe one day we may find she is the answer to many of our questions.  For after all, wild woman or African slave she lived a life not many of us would wish on our own enemies.  Where ever she is now, i hope she is watching us and seeing that humanity has moved on along way since poor Zana walked our earth.  And that the world and her offspring remember her with fondness for she may be the closest we have ever gotten to answering the age old question, What are the Upright Hairy Walking Man Apes that walk our earth and are reported here and all across the globe.  If Zana is one of Russia’s many Alama’s that roam the vast mountain ranges of the North.

D. L. Hatswell