Cotgrave Woods Notts, follow up investigation 17/1/16

The actual spot where a six-foot tall creature covered in reddish hair and a human face was seen by five people in their car, This area was photographed and explored by Adam and Paul Bird, our founder team members as they are close to the area and could visit quickly.

We found many of the signs we look for when out researching large arches pinned in an un-natural way, ground and tree X’s and large tree snaps way above our heads,  

Whilst photographing a possible tree break we spotted at Cotgrave Forest we got a little lost and then heard a long mournful howl about a mile walk from the sighting spot. It was the best howl we had ever heard whilst out in the woods . To say we were disappointed not to record it is putting it mildly.

The Cotgrave is certainly an area to re-visit, we were informed by another cryptozooligist of Ancient track which bisects the area”. We will keep you informed of any further research visits.