Reddish Brown Creature Cotgrave Nottingham December 2015

Sent to me by Thomas Marcum of the The Crypto Crew and american researcher of cryptids and all things bigfoot, 

From time to time we get possible bigfoot reports from England, this is one such report.
The person that submitted this sighting, did not leave a name or a working email and stated that they did not want their name published or contacted about what they saw. This should not be looked at in a bad way. Many reports and witnesses we talk to do not want the extra attention or the ridicule that goes along with saying "I seen a Bigfoot".

I believe the yellow circle in the picture above is the exact area where this even happened. This is a very recent event.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: I wish to not have my name printed

Email Address: non working email provided.

State: I live in England

County: Nottinghamshire

Date of Sighting: 27 December 2015

Time of Day: 1:00am

Nearest Town: Nottingham

Length of Sighting: 3 seconds

How many Witnesses: 5

Any Photos/Videos: No

Describe sighting in detail:
I was driving home, going along the Owthorpe Road, from a Christmas party and was heading towards the A46. I was approaching a corner, the one just before the Eton Park nursing home, when the headlights of my car highlighted something stood in a layby.
It was about 6 foot tall and covered in reddy brownish hair. My whole family saw it. It had dark eyes and had a human face.
I don't want any help but felt that I should share what we saw in case there was a large cat on the loose. This is the only thing I can think of to explain it. My son says it was a monster. I don't want my name or email shown please.

- End Report -

So, I went to google maps to scope out the general area. The submitter gave great landmark information and I was able to find what I think is the exact spot. I guess, I might need to let everyone know what a "layby" is, as that is not a common term for most Americans. A layby is just an area at the side of a road where vehicles may pull off the road and stop.

Using the information in the report I think this is the exact spot in the picture below.

This is the slight curve just before the Eton Park nursing home. There is a layby on the right, this is were the creature would have been standing according to the report. This tends to lend credibility to the report.

It was cool getting a report from Nottingham, I have a friend or two in that area that I have know for many years.

The person reporting this calls it a large cat, I guess it was their way of trying making sense of what they seen. This truly sounds more like a bigfoot than a large cat.

Just one more quick note, If you are submitting a report I normally do not use the full name or email address, unless it is a known researcher or someone who don't mind. But please always include a working email because normally we might have a question or two about the creature or location.

In my mind, this sound like a pretty good report.

~Tom~ 13/1/16