Possible Sighting at Hoober Stand 2000's

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I drive up hague lane and cortworth lane at all times of the day and night on a regular basis and have never seen anything out of the ordinary apart from once. Me and a friend were driving up cortworth lane (just passed the woodhouse entrance where the wall is always collapsed due to car crashes) when i suddenly saw a black figure jump through the gap in the wall and run into the grounds. I only saw it for a split second and it was extremely quick. I didnt say anything for a minute until my friend asked if i had seen something jump through the wall. This made me feel very uneasy knowing that we had both seen it. Anyway iv never seen anything else but it gives me chills down my spine when i pass now!Also iv been up to hoober stand many times and the last time i went was on a sunday during the day when i got an 'uneasy' feeling which made me leave in a hurry!I also was checking out the tunnel entrance next to hoober stand (which apparently leads to wath?) when i got the feeling i was being watched so i did a runner!My girlfriend says her gran went down the tunnel before it was sealed off and said it leads to where a manor house once stood in wath. It may also lead to wentworth woodhouse, wentworth church and kirkstead abby mews (former kirkstead abby) as i know there are tunnels under there too. Apparently the tunnels were used originally by monks who were escaping the crusades and then later by lords to visit their mistress's.