boggarts hole clough stones thrown

james whittakers account:Before I moved to Doncaster, I was living in a area in Manchester called Blackley. Me and my family would often go for walks embracing the beautiful woodlands and surrounding woods. Back in 2003 we decided to go for a evening walk in the nearby area of Boggart Hole Clough, an area with an amazing size to it, wildlife,a pond and even streams, but that was only a part of it. We arrived at the location at around 9PM, myself, my mum and an ex partner of hers. As we started to walk along the path, we could hear birds and the common sounds you would expect. But as we made another step, we had stopped dead in our tracks. The sudden feeling of being watched but due to the darkness in Boggart Hole Clough we couldn't see much, apart from the trees that were pretty much in front of us. Next thing we knew a small stone landed centimeters in front of us. As my mum's ex began to proceed to walk towards the pathway, another stone was thrown, and then a third. During this time we felt consistently being watched by somebody or something. It was by the third we knew it was time to go, we left the area.