Kliihope/Weardale sighting 2011

report taken by d. hatswell:  I received this sighting from a friend, she is a member of a paranormal group.  in sept 2011 they were planning a 4 night stay in weardale, commonly known as killhope woods, due to the nearby killhope mine.  these areas are both classed as highly haunted and many local tales tell of a screaming woman and tall dark figures that haunt the wood,  on the first night they heard a loud knock of to the west, they asked the usual questions and received no more knocks, at the end of the night they settled into bed, after about an hour they heard a blood freezing scream, they got up had a look around but didn,t see anything.  the next night they started there evp session and received nothing, they decided to investigate the area where the knock came from,  they knocked and heard a reply in the distance to the north,  happy about this they knocked again and recieved a knock to the south,  to their horror they were then surrounded by knocking, which got closer and closer, they were terrified,  by 2am they were ready to leave and went back to camp to pack up, on the walk back the were plagued by knocking from around them in the trees,  at this point the lead guy who was out front, turned white faced and said he saw a tall wide dark shape walking off into the wood. the knocks continued as they packed up and left.  i asked if i could speak to the team leader but he was reluctant to share any details.  she did however add, "we didnt know what to think, we got out of there as quickly as possible, and i dont think any of the team will be returning".