The Isle of Grain sasquatch creature 2013

Witness Report:   Im reporting this on behalf of a good friend, a friend of mine who lives in a remote Kent farm house and has seen a large sasquatch type creature on her property on a few occasions. A caravan on the property has been rocked and banged upon. It has been seen leaning over a Ford escorts Van, which came up to its stomach. There are very few houses in the area. If you go there and have a look around you can clean see it wouldn't be difficult to get around unseen,situated In between allhallows and the Isle of grain.   As I say it's quite isolated. Lost of water and a few woods it gets more wooded not too far away. It's been seen by our friends up fairly close. I'm going to spend time camping  and looking round the sightings spots.  We live in the area ourselves on local farm and have seen what looked like the a very large print of something laying down. We are local to a river, power lines, disused train track and plenty of woods and forest..
The Isle of Grain is the easternmost point of the Hoo Peninsula in the district of Medway in Kent. No longer an island, the Isle is almost all marshland and the Grain marshes are a major habitat for diverse wetland birds.