Epping forest strange animal attack and howls 2014

witness report:   I live very close to epping forest and know of horse attacks and missing animals in the area.  The horses were/are still on a farm next to the forest they belong to various people and over the course of a couple of months 3 or 4 were as the police put it “slashed” . To get to the fields one side is the m25 moterway and one industrial units the lane down to them is CCTV and gated so how would people get in ? But a dog man/ wildman could from the forest . What if a animal had tried to catch the horse and the wounds were claw marks . I belive they were around the neck and flank . The howl . I'm a very suspicious and security minded person, ie I see when things are out of place. And watch for things or people out of character . That night I was on the sofa just thinking and watching the moon through the patio doors, when I thought I heard a howl, now to anyone else they woud’nt think anything of it . It may have been a deer calling or a fox or owl or dog but there's only a few dogs around here and they are not out at night . There was not any wind and it was not a night that the local club was open.no people around,  It was a distinct howl one long one and I judge it to be with in a mile . I hunt and do bushcraft . We have had cats go missing from around here and no dead carcasses been found .