saltfleet marsh figure 2004

witness report: Must have been about 10 years ago my sister and I were walking along the edge of the salt marsh at Saltfleet, east Lincolnshire in the winter with our 2 dogs. It's a pretty deserted area and very bleak. There aren't many woodlands on the edge but lots of thick, tall gorse that deer and rabbits live in. There are also some abandoned buildings about. As we were walking we saw 'someone' walking towards us in the distance about 500m away along the bottom of the dune. There was something strange about this person and at this distance it looked like a big man dressed in white with a reddish apron on. For some reason it made us both stop and watch and we both felt a bit cautious. We decided to turn around and walk briskly back. We kept turning around and looking but the 'person' was easily gaining on us. We started to run and both dogs were running with us. When it got within about 200m of us I could see it wasn't an apron but reddish/brown markings on shaggy hair/fur. I didn't stop to look closer and we ran all the way home. We've not been back to that area since.