New forest Growls and a figure sighting

new forest growls and figure sighting 2013

We went for a walk around the woods. We met a sweet, little toad who was enjoying the rain and we think we found a badger set. As everyone was exploring I saw a shadow figure really close to me, dash from one tree to the other. I quickly looked behind me. Although the figure did not look like anyone from the team, I just had to check. They were all a little way behind me, still looking at the badger set. I just stood there in disbelief. Although it was raining, the night was very still and there was no wind. Suddenly as I looked at the tree at which the shadow ran towards, all the branches at arm level just separated as if someone had pulled them apart and passed through. The invisible person must then have let the branches go again as they all suddenly snapped back into place. There was absolutely nobody there and no animal of any sort. The branches were just a couple of feet away from me. This was exciting.
Vikki heard a growl right beside her, again nobody or no animal there. She also thought she could see a figure further in the woods. By the time the rest of us looked, the figure had gone