cannock chase numerous sightings

-SIGHTINGS- Cannock chase (multiple reports) the first account of a man-beast in the area dates from way back in 1879, when a creature described as being half-man and half-monkey was seen on a lonely stretch of road at the town of Ranton, which is situated only a few miles from where the Cannock Chase stands.

More than a hundred years later, specifically in 1995 a brief sighting was made by a woman named Jackie Houghton, who saw a huge and lumbering hair-covered creature in the early hours of the morning near the small, picturesque village of Slittingmill, which is situated in the heart of the Chase. Similarly, in 1998, the following account surfaced from another witness:

"It was a star filled night, clear, but dark and we were all in the car driving home, happily chatting and joking. Suddenly we all fell dead serious, the people in the back sat forward and we all pointed to the same shape. It was a tall man-like figure, sort of crouching forward. As we passed, it turned and looked straight at us. In my own words I would describe it as around six feet eight inches tall, legs thicker than two of mine, very strong looking and with a darkish, blacky [sic]-brown coat. I just could not explain it and I still get goose bumps thinking of it."

In December 2003, newspapers in the area gave much prominence to the story of a young man named Craig, who said he had seen a large ape-like creature near the town of Penkridge, which is very close to the Cannock Chase.

Then, in April 2004 Alec Williams was driving across the Chase late at night when he, too, was witness to a huge beast, easily seven feet in height, near the edge of the main road that links the towns of Cannock and Rugeley.Sightings continue to be reported, this one came in to Bigfoot research UK - "

Well I have seen this creature two times, one far and another very very close. The first time I heard it was in Cannock Chase when I was walking the dog, I heard a massive knock to the left and looked up to see a 7 to 8 foot hairy creature running away. I was left with a really weird feeling when I went home. The second time I was walking home though a pathway in Cannock Chase when a hairy tall creature ran out 10 foot in front of me and jumped a good 5 foot down a valley, same again I was left with a weird feeling thank you hope you find this sighting useful because I was very skeptical about the Bigfoot thing in America let along England but I believe and I will keep you posted on anymore goings on.