loch awe stones thrown

 I was camping on the southern end of Loch Awe a few years ago, we had been forced there by the wind, rain and bad weather, campsites were scarce and we were exhausted to the point where i was worried about my girlfriend, she was cold, slurring her speech etc...After a lot of looking around we settled for a small clearing in amongst some tree's a few meters from the shore. There enough room for a fire and a tarp plus a tent. I put up the tent, stuffed her in her sleeping bag and went off to get firewood to make some hot food and tea.I had a strange feeling of vulnerability while i was collecting wood and cutting it, kept stopping what i was doing and looking around me,i had a feeling that somebody was about to walk up to me. I was not scared but i just felt that something was about to happen. I was kind of expecting a game keeper or something to come up and talk to me. Anyway, it was cold and wet and the going was slow, eventually my girlfriend came out the find me and sit with me while i was splitting the wood since she felt uneasy on her own back at the tent.We went back together and resumed out camp routine and set up for an early night.That night i had to get up in the middle of the night to take care of some business, i walked across the clearing and went behind a holly bush and there i got the most intense feeling of danger i have ever felt, it was very dark and i accept that the dark has an affect on our brains (very interested in this by the way). I felt an immediate and urgent need to get away from the that spot right away. I cut short the business i was taking care of and pretty quickly walked back the the tent where i stopped and sat outside for a while to see what i could see and hear. Not much, but for the next few nights in the spot i got the same feeling whenever i went near that holly bush.It was not until we left that site that i realised the effect on both our moods that it had had. Within minutes of leaving we both felt upliffted and happy and realised that there had been something wrong back there.The storey does not really translate that well into text i know but i'm hoping that it might trigger other peoples memories and we might get some more stories of the scary and unexplainable.