Sherwood Father and Son 2013

The photograph of the cave drawings are real and are from the exact area of this account:
I wish to report something that I seen a few nights ago. I know you don’t have this Sherwood Forest on your webpage but I didn’t know who else to contact. I was heading home to Cuckney from work and was driving along the Worksop Road. it was still light (about 4:50pm) and I saw two figures stood just within the trees. Their appearance really scared me. The big one stood about 6 and a half feet tall and was male. I could see its sexual parts. It was covered in hair, brown in colour. It had no clothing. it had a weird shaped head, like a deformed skull, like a chimp, but the face looks human man like. the other was about three foot tall and had less hair but also looked the same as the bigger one, deformed head for a human but human face in it. I don’t know what I saw but it is strange. How can these people hide when so many people visit this area? I am too scared to tell anyone in case they laugh, I was going to the police but my husband says they will report me to the mental health act.
I do find it very interesting that this account happened just a short walk from this cave entrance and system under sherwood forest.
Deborah Hatswell 1/2/17