hairy dark thing from kent 2007

The witness was taking out the dustbins when he was unsettled by a weird sound he could only describe as low pitched, very deep, like a distant rumble. The strange noise seemed to be coming from the pitch black woods at the end of his garden. As the witness walked down his garden, to the wood, only separated by a fence, he thought he could see two glinting circular objects that seemed to be a dull yellow in colour. Rather unnerved by the objects, which he likened to cat’s eyes, the man switched on the security light which seemed to make the two glinting objects glow brighter and the rumbling sound deepen. As soon as the witness reached the very bottom of his garden, the sound almost became unbearable. However, he managed to get a closer look at the two glinting ‘eyes’ which he believed were on the sides of a head of some kind of hairy, dark form. The man fled into his home.