sherwood forest creature road crossing dec 2002

Another report from Sherwood - I recieved a phone call today 4th December 2002, from an elderly gentleman who has requested anominitiy for obvious reasons, claiming that he saw a large hairy hominid approx 7 - 8 ft tall in the vicinity of Sherwood forest approx 20 years ago, he wasn't the only witness as his wife also saw this at around 11:00 - 11:30pm, he was driving his car along the Budby to Ollerton road, and just before the Edwinstowe turn off he saw the hominid run across the road, he though at the time it may have been a prank (someone dressed up) and hasn't spoken of it until this day, he didn't see a face, the thing just moved to quickly to get a good look, though they didn't stay around to find out. Update: After a plea to the general public, for further information concerning the "Sherwood forest Thing" which appeared in the Nottinghams Evening Post on the 28th November 2002, I recieved a phone call from a very quietly spoken gentleman, stating that he was in these woods the night previously and witnessed a dark hairy figure in the trees "it's eyes were red" he said.