grovely woods figure sighted 2013

DATE: 2013 (exact date of sighting not known)Witness statement

Recently, I was out riding in Grovely Woods Salisbury, Wiltshire. It was just about getting dark, dusk. I was on the horse, and my mum was walking along beside me. About fifty meters ahead of us, there was a very tall, large dark figure, I thought too big to be a person, around perhaps two and a half to three meters tall (though we were relatively far away, like I said, around fifty meters, perhaps a bit less,)so I am not entirely sure. But when this creature moved, it moved with speed that was incredibly inhuman like, and moved with a sort of loping stride.

When we were at the spot where I'd seen it run off, I noticed that there was no way a human could have escaped that fast, especially through the trees, since it was quite thick there, unfortunately I did not have time to investigate further, since my mum was a little freaked out and wanted to get away from the area, she had told me earlier on in the ride that she had found half a deer (she said it had been 'ripped to shreds,') a few days ago, though it was gone when we were at where she said it was. Would a Bigfoot go for something like a deer? The strange thing is, my horse didn't spook, which is strange, since he is generally quite a nervous animal, could this still have been a Bigfoot if my horse didn't react? Keesha, Salisbury

Further notes: Historic reference to wildman near Salisbury - According to the Paranormal Database a wild man who lived in the woods near Salisbury was shot at when he attacked and tried to kidnap a local farmer's wife in 1877. The creature escaped into the dense woodland and was never seen again...