ivy den sighting

witness report:  i was about 9-10 years old when we was in what we called the ivy den at hackenthorpe sheffield i was sat on a tree swing over a stream when suddenly my friends and brother ran across the stream up the bank without a word to me sat hanging when i looked down the stream i saw a 6-7 foot dark figure with the brightist red eyes running up the side of the stream about 20 feet then jumped across the stream with ease(which was to wide for anything normal to jump) heading staight towards me, i dropped of the swing and legged it across the stream then i fell trying to get up the banking, i turned to see where it was and it was just stood at the other side of stream staring straight at me when my friend heard me yelling for help he came and got me. during the 1-2 minutes this was happening it never made a sound no thumping of running feet or when it jumped and landed, this was my second sighting of this thing and i have seen a dark figure quite a few times since at work and while driving it was up the side of my car.